Reliable, local professional in FMCG

ALFMIX OY (Inc.) is a distribution company of fast moving consumer goods. We represent many international and domestic brands in Finland and in the Baltic states. The main product groups that we are involved in are: confectionery, chocolates, cookies, snacks, bakery products, drinks, olive oils and batteries. Our specialty is marketing of impulse items.

The mains tasks of Alfmix Oy are to market the brands we represent and to sell them via the Finnish and Baltic wholesalers and retailers. Imports and logistics services are essential part of our business.

Our vision is to be the most qualified independent distributor of fast moving consumer brands in Finland with specialization in marketing of impulse products.

Our wide customer base contains all wholesalers and retailers in the Finnish and Baltic grocery and impulse trades. Also, HoReCa customers and hardware stores are our clients. We also cooperate with the duty free customers in the Baltic region as well as with the major retail chains in the Baltic states.

Alfmix Oy was established in 1979. The ownership is in second generation who are active in the daily business of the company.

Many of the brands we represent hold strong position in the international market. They provide added value to the Finnish consumers’ lives thanks to their high quality and innovation. We also have products produced by our manufacturing partners under our own Karkkipussi brand, as well as under our own licensing agreements.