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Alfmix represents international brands that it sells through grocery and impulse trades in Finland. Our fast moving consumer goods are well known brands across the international markets and possess high quality. Part of our assortment is well known products for Christmas and Easter seasons.

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Company introduction

Alfmix is a Finnish privately owned distribution company. We represent international and domestic fast moving consumer brands. Our customer base includes all wholesalers and retailers in grocery and impulse trade in Finland and Estonia. Our specialty is marketing of impulse items. The company was established in 1979.

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Current news

One can find current products and merchandising materials in our assortment. Throughout the year, there are marketing activities for our brands that appeal to the consumers. (The news is only in Finnish.)

AAA 2015 The Strongest in Finland 2017
Kauppalehti Achiever 2013
Member:European Sales & Marketing Association